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The Kursk

Monday 12th October 2009

Cape Otway Lightstation has sponsored the performance of an award winning thriller, The Kursk, at Colac Otway Performing Arts & Cultural Centre.

The Kursk, which will be performed at COPACC on Monday, October 12, at 8pm, is an inspiring true story of hope, courage and love.

In August 2000, Russian submarine The Kursk vanished mysteriously. Its wreckage was eventually discovered at the bottom of the ocean with 23 survivors trapped inside. While rescuers work frantically to free the sailors trapped 80 metres beneath the surface, Admiral Popov is under extreme pressure to avoid a nuclear disaster in the Atlantic.

Meanwhile, families and loved ones wait desperately for news and a young woman prays for her husband as he writes love letters to her from the ocean floor.

Sasha Janowicz’s play reveals the amazing true story behind the ill-fated Kursk. The pressure is extreme and the stakes are high in the thrilled and love story for the ages.

The Kursk stars multi-award winner Eugene Gilfedder, known to television audiences for his appearances in Sea Patrol and Medivac. He is joined by an outstanding cast including Edward Foy, Dirk Hoult, Sasha Janowicz, Amanda Mitchell and Julienne Youngberry.

Tickets can be purchased at the COPACC box office in Colac, or on 03 5232 2077.

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