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Cape Otway Lightstation - Aerial View


Otways Film Fest

Saturday 22nd April 2017 from 6pm in front of Lighthouse

Don’t miss the family favourite film Oddball at Cape Otway Lightstation, showing as part of the Otways Film Fest. The adorable Maremma dog who performed the role of Oddball will be there to meet the crowd along with Richard Keddie who will share funny stories that happened during filming.

Don’t miss out – get your tickets here:

Tickets: $15 Adult, $5 Child, $40 Family (2 adults & 2 children)

Evening Program:

6–6.45pm Come and enjoy sunset on the lawn in front of the Lighthouse. Light meals and drinks will be available for purchase. The lighthouse will be open during this time.

7pm The adorable Maremma dog who performed as Oddball will be presented to the crowd and funny stories shared by Richard Keddie, Film Producer.

7.15pm Oddball movie to commence

8pm Interval – light snacks will be available & the lighthouse open for viewing

8.20pm Second half of film

Approx 9.00pm finish.

Filmed nearby on Middle Island off the coast of Warrnambool, Fairy Penguins have made their home, but foxes have found the island and have reduced the population of penguins. An eccentric chicken farmer named Swampy teams up with his granddaughter to train their mischievous dog, Oddball, to protect the penguins from these predators in an attempt to reunite his family and save their seaside town. As the penguin population shrinks, the Island stands to lose it’s penguin sanctuary status and is set to become a whale watching spot for tourists. However since Oddball starts to protect the penguins, the penguin population starts to stabilise until one day Swampy cannot find Oddball on the Island. He is eventually found by the dog catcher who picked him up on the roadside inside town limits (the town being strictly off limits to Oddball). Swampy in the meantime discovers a tranquilliser dart beside the penguins on the island and comes to realize that not everyone wants to save the penguins. Will Swampy and Oddball be able to protect the penguins or will the Island become a whale watching station?