Cape Otway Lightstation Australia's Most Important Lighthouse Awesome Views, Amazing History

Cape Otway Lightstation - Aerial View


Shining Brighter

In 1891, the old light was replaced by a Chance Brothers catadioptric light brought from Birmingham.

The large lead crystal Fresnel lenses were extremely heavy and along with the rest of the mechanism weighed more than 2.5 tonnes.

It rotated on a mercury bath and projected a light almost 50km out to sea. In 1905 the wick lamp was replaced by an incandescent mantle lamp and in 1915 the speed of rotation and intensity of the light was increased.

The apparatus was converted to electricity in 1939 and again the speed of rotation and the intensity of the light was increased. Mains electricity was connected in 1967.

In 1994 the lighthouse was replaced with a small light beacon powered by solar electricity.