Cape Otway Lightstation Australia's Most Important Lighthouse Awesome Views, Amazing History

Cape Otway Lightstation - Aerial View


The Lamp is Lit

The lamp was lit on August 29, 1848, after years of exploration work followed by years of logistical challenges and gruelling physical work in truly tough conditions. The construction of the lighthouse was an amazing feat. Manufactured in London, the lantern was brought ashore through crashing surf in small boats. The light mechanism consisted of 21 polished reflectors and lamps mounted on a frame.

“The flash was of three seconds duration with fifty seconds of darkness. The lantern had three faces, the entire revolving every two minutes and thirty nine seconds. On each was mounted seven Argand Lamps with burned special sperm oil.

“The early instruction books are filled with accounts of how the oil had to be kept up to the wicks, the wicks trimmed and monitored during the night and the individual parabolic reflectors located behind each light, kept as clean and reflective as the best French chamois would allow.” (Source: Beacons of Hope)