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Press Releases

International Lighthouse Weekend 2016 (issued 21 July 2016)

CAPE Otway Lightstation is joining a worldwide party for International Lighthouse Weekend on Saturday and Sunday, August 20 and 21.

New line of preserves at Cape Otway Lightstation (issued 12 August 2015)

INTERNATIONAL and domestic tourists will have the chance to take the taste of Cape Otway home with them thanks to a new line of preserves produced in the Lightkeeper’s Kitchen.

International Lighthouse Weekend 2015 (issued 3 August 2015)

FAMILIES and foodies will be catered for in heritage style at Cape Otway Lightstation’s International Lighthouse weekend on August 15 and 16.

Cape Otway Lightstation under new management (issued 3 August 2015)

WITH calls echoing around the Australian business world for more women in senior management positions and as company directors, Cape Otway Lightstation appears to be a leading light.

Shining a light on bush tucker - International Lighthouse Weekend (issued 29 July 2014)

CAPE Otway Lightstation is going native for International Lighthouse Weekend in mid August by cooking up a storm with bush tucker.

Polar Dinosaurs come home to Cape Otway (issued 11 November 2013)

CAPE Otway Lightstation has brought Leaellynasaura, a tiny warm-blooded polar dinosaur, home.

Titanic Dinner at International Lighthouse Weekend (issued 5 August 2013)

CAPE Otway Lightstation’s character actor Marcus White’s family links with Titanic victims has left him with an insatiable curiosity.

A Day for Warriors and Whales (issued 4 June 2013)

ECO-WARRIORS, whale watchers, filmmakers and conservationists will gather in Apollo Bay on Saturday, June 8, to celebrate The Wonder of Whales.

TV's Coast Australia comes to Cape Otway (issued 4 February 2013)

RENOWNED presenter Neil Oliver, who spent the weekend at Cape Otway Lightstation filming an Australian TV series of Coast, has confessed to a lifelong passion for lighthouses.

The Wonder of Whales (issued 14 October 2012)

ECO-WARRIORS, sculptors, musicians and conservationists united at Cape Otway Lightstation on Saturday – all for The Wonder of Whales.

The Wonder of Whales (issued 7 October 2012)

CAPE Otway Lightstation is making a splash on Saturday, October 13, for The Wonder of Whales with the launch of two life-sized sculptures of Southern Right Whales.

Great Australian Story Comes To Apollo Bay (issued 1 August 2012)

STORYTELLER Colin Mockett and singer-musician Shirley Power will bring the story of the Great Ocean Road to vibrant life in the show Hit the Road Digger at Apollo Bay on Friday, August 17.

Southern Right Whale Sculpture project at Cape Otway Lightstation (issued 29 March 2012)

The first Southern Right Whale for the season has landed at Cape Otway Lightstation, months ahead of the endangered species’ regular migration.

History repeats - First car to Cape Otway (issued 7 November 2011)

OTWAYS baby Eliot Gratton-Wilson wasn’t quite four months old when his adventurous father Bill decided he wanted to be the first to drive a car to Cape Otway Lightstation.

Young detectives scour exhibition for clues (issued 27 September 2011)

YOUNG sleuths can join the Ship Detective Game at Cape Otway Lightstation during the school holidays in connection with an exhibition of 27 paintings of The Ships that Shaped Australia.

Ships That Shaped Australia exhibition launched at Cape Otway (issued 26 September 2011)

The Ships That Shaped Australia, an exhibition of 27 paintings of vessels that sailed into our history books has been launched at Cape Otway Lightstation by Maritime Museum of Victoria Chairman Dr Henry Hudson.

Ghost Tour & International Lighthouse Weekend at Cape Otway Lightstation (issued 16 August 2011)

UNDER the cover of darkness the stories of two tragic women will be brought to life in a theatrical ghost tour at Cape Otway’s International Lighthouse Weekend celebrations on Saturday night.

Otways Tourism operators launch fundraiser for flood victims (issued 19 January 2011)

CAPE Otway Lightstation and Apollo Bay Music Festival are spearheading a Great Ocean Road fundraising campaign with all proceeds going to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal in a bid to help the 200,000 Queenslanders devastated by floods.

International Lighthouse Weekend Ghost Tour (issued 11 August 2010)

MANY a paranormal sceptic has become a believer after joining a ghostbusting tour during Cape Otway Lightstation’s International Lighthouse Weekend celebrations.

Whales at Cape Otway (issued 8 July 2010)

WHALES are making a habit of calling in at Cape Otway Lightstation, delighting tourists who get a bird’s eye view of the massive mammals from the lighthouse balcony, 80m above Bass Strait.

Historic characters acting up at Cape Otway Lightstation (issued 19 December 2009)

ACTORS will bring to life the fascinating true stories of Cape Otway characters every day during the summer holiday season.

Film stars keep economy spinning (issued 18 December 2009)

THE FILMING of a new Australian movie at Cape Otway Lightstation has injected hundreds of thousands of dollars into the local economy.

Aussie film stars on location at Cape Otway Lightstation (issued 17 November 2009)

LORD of the Rings star Miranda Otto and her veteran actor dad Barry Otto are taking over the lantern room at Cape Otway’s lighthouse for the filming of a new Australian movie South Solitary.

To Hell or Cape Otway! - Theatre Restaurant (issued 16 October 2009)

FLAMBOYANT shipmaster Captain “Bully” Forbes is making a return to Cape Otway on Saturday night to share the stories of his record-breaking ocean crossings from Britain to Australia in the 1800s, with tales of the thousands who survived the treacherous journey … and those who didn’t.

Spooky experiences at Cape Otway Lightstation (issued 18 August 2009)

CHILDREN hammered toy ships into shape, international tourists sent Morse code telegrams home, radio operators made contact with lighthouses as far afield as Canada, and more than a dozen people had spectacularly spooky experiences at Cape Otway at the weekend.

International Lighthouse Weekend at Cape Otway Lightstation (issued 22 July 2009)

PARANORMAL investigators armed with ghostbusting gear plan to make contact with an ‘intelligent haunting’ at this year’s International Lighthouse Weekend at Cape Otway.

Record year at Cape Otway Lightstation (issued 30 June 2009)

IN SPITE of the hit tourism is taking during the global economic crisis Cape Otway Lightstation will set new records in 2008/09 with visitor numbers set to top 84,000 by June 30.

Kids go free during July at Cape Otway Lightstation (issued 30 June 2009)

CAPE Otway Lightstation is celebrating the holidays by offering free entry to kids for the entire month of July.

Lighthouse weekend a success (issued 18 August 2008)

HUNDREDS of people braved blustery conditions at the weekend for a taste of the traditional lightkeeper’s life at Cape Otway Lightstation.

International Lighthouse Weekend - Ghostbusters (issued 6 August 2008)

A GHOSTBUSTING tour of Cape Otway Lightstation is planned to help people experience paranormal activity.

International Lighthouse Weekend 2008 - The Keeper (issued 27 July 2008)

The Keeper, a new 50-minute one-woman show, will be a highlight of International Lighthouse Weekend at Cape Otway in mid August.

Locals' Pass at Easter (issued 7 March 2008)

EVERY resident in Colac Otway Shire is invited to the Cape Otway Lightstation for free during Easter and the school holidays.

Otway Fly and Cape Otway Lightstation discounted pass (issued 7 March 2008)

THE Otway Fly tree-top walk and Cape Otway Lightstation have joined forces to offer a discounted pass to tourists who want to visit the Otways’ premier tourist attractions.

Discovery Tours (issued 3 February 2008)

TOUR operators around the world will soon be selling cape Otway Lightstation as a destination in its own right.

Paranormal Investigators at Cape Otway Lightstation (issued 22 August 2007)

A TEAM of paranormal investigators will descend on Cape Otway Lightstation this weekend in search of things that go bump in the night for their television program Haunted Australia.

International Lighthouse Weekend at Cape Otway Lightstation (issued 20 August 2007)

ERIN Lane, 13, of Killarney, prides herself at being pretty speedy at sending text messages to her friends – so it came as a surprise when she was outdone by a system of dots and dashes invented in the 1840s.

International Lighthouse Weekend at Cape Otway Lightstation (issued 12 August 2007)

AMAZING stories of Cape Otway’s first people, the Gadubanud, and the first lightkeepers will be brought to life in a two-day celebration of International Lighthouse Weekend.

Whales Arrive at Cape Otway (issued 25 June 2007)

CAPE Otway Lighthouse is the perfect vantage point for watching humpback whales and their calves at play this week.

Vintage cars visit Cape Otway (issued 22 May 2007)

A GROUP of vintage car owners became celebrities for a few minutes at Cape Otway on Tuesday when tourists lined up to take photographs of the owners with their gleaming machines in front of the lighthouse.

Lightstation offers locals free entry (issued 22 May 2007)

IT’S official, every man, woman and child who lives in Colac Otway Shire is welcome to visit the iconic Cape Otway Lightstation heritage precinct for free.

Cape Otway Lightstation Locals' Pass (issued 20 May 2007)

Colac Otway Shire residents have been given an open invitation to visit Cape Otway Lightstation as often as they like, free of charge, over the next 12 months.

Lighthouse shines again (issued 6 February 2007)

SO you thought that last piece of flat-pack assembly furniture you bought was bad – spare a thought for the guys who have just taken apart, revamped and reassembled the top section of the Cape Otway Lighthouse.

Halloween Party at Cape Otway Lightstation (issued 28 October 2006)

CAPE Otway Lightstation and its resident ghosts are hosting their very own Halloween Party on Tuesday, October 31, which is free to kids dressed to thrill or scare.

Governor's Visit (issued 3 September 2006)

VICTORIA’S Governor Professor David de Kretser got a sea eagle’s view of the iconic Cape Otway Lightstation during a chopper flight along the rugged coastline and over Apollo Bay on Thursday.

War secrets revealed (issued 29 August 2006)

RARE details of Japanese submariners building a float plane off Cape Otway emerged when a party of World War Two veterans returned to the concrete bunker where they served more than 60 years ago.

Could you murder a mystery? (issued 9 August 2006)

LIKE your drinks and mysteries served “on the rocks”? Then you’ll want to be part of Cape Otway Lightstation’s sunset tour and murder mystery dinner set on board the Titanic.

International Lighthouse Weekend (issued 6 August 2006)

HISTORY will come alive for children at Cape Otway Lightstation as International Lighthouse Weekend celebrations take-off around the globe on August 19 and 20.

International Lighthouse Weekend (issued 1 June 2006)

CAPE Otway is joining hundreds of lighthouses across dozens of countries to celebrate International Lighthouse Weekend with a programme packed with family fun on August 19, 20 and 21.

TV Shows Focus on Cape Otway (issued 19 February 2006)

Cape Otway Lightstation comes into sharp focus on two TV programmes this week exploring the diverse topics of ghosts and the Great Ocean Walk.

Telegraph to Tamworth (issued 22 January 2006)

IF you’re nursing an achy breaky heart because you can’t make it to this week’s Tamworth Country Music Festival, bootscoot down to Cape Otway Lightstation where you can send a Morse code message to wish your favourite star all the best in the Golden Guitar awards.

Cape Otway appeal for war history (issued 19 November 2005)

THE secret war history of Cape Otway’s radar station, built after the Germans sank a US ship in Bass Strait, deserves to be told, according to Lightstation manager Paul Thompson.

International Lighthouse Weekend (issued 21 August 2005)

Lighthouses are a beacon for incurable romantics like Geelong’s Peter Hill who was in his element at the weekend.

International Lighthouse Weekend (issued 2 August 2005)

CAPE Otway is joining 370 lightstations across 51 countries to celebrate International Lighthouse Weekend with a programme packed with good food, wine, live theatre, historical re-enactments, book-readings….. and much more.

Lighthouse Keeper's Quest (issued 17 February 2005)

HISTORY, mystery and some huge challenges faced a group of high school students from Lavers Hill and Apollo Bay last week when they took on the Lighthouse Keepers’ Quest at Cape Otway.