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Press Release: Paranormal Investigators at Cape Otway Lightstation

Issued: 22 August 2007

A TEAM of paranormal investigators will descend on Cape Otway Lightstation this weekend in search of things that go bump in the night for their television program Haunted Australia.

Lead investigator Gary Sullivan said the crew of industry professionals, engineers, biomedical scientists and a good old fashioned medium would work overnight on Saturday to research three key ghost stories associated with the heritage precinct.

Mr Sullivan said the production company Mystical Guides was particularly interested in the mischievous Lady in Grey who is well known at the Lightstation, the story of a lightkeeper’s son who committed suicide after the wreck of the Loch Ard, and the case of a dead infant that was briefly stored in a cupboard at the Telegraph Station.

“We are very interested in the Grey Lady, I think she ended up at the Sunbury mental hospital, she was the wife of an assistant lightkeeper, so we’re hoping to get in touch with her,” he said.

“We’ll set out to use scientific methods and control methods as well as using alternative and traditional methods, such as divining rods and crystals.”

Mr Sullivan, who finds the term Ghostbuster amusing, said although he’s a paranormal investigator he’s never seen a ghost.

“If you asked me if I’d ever seen a full-bodied apparition type of ghost – I’ve never seen one face-to-face,” he said.

“When people ask me about it I say Ghostbusters is Hollywood, this is the real thing. What we do is quite serious, it’s not a comedy thing.”

Although the team has regularly discounted ghost stories with “rational explanations and data”, their electromagnetic field detectors, infrared thermometers and audio recorders usually reveal some sort of paranormal activity in about half the places they visit.

Mr Sullivan is interested in hearing from anyone who has had paranormal experiences while living, working or holidaying at the Lightstation. He can be contacted on 0417 597 880.

The Cape Otway Lightstation episode of Haunted is Australia will screen on Channel 31 later this year.

Lightstation manager Paul Thompson said he would be interested to see what Haunted Australia turned up in their investigations.

“It’s very common for staff and visitors to have paranormal experiences here and our historic lighthouse, the keepers’ quarters, the Telegraph Station and the World War Two radar bunker all hold an attraction for people with an interest in the paranormal.

“The Cape’s certainly had an amazing human history prior to European settlement and after, so I guess it’s not surprising.”

For more information on the Cape Otway Lightstation call Paul Thompson on 5237 9240 or visit

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