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Press Release: International Lighthouse Weekend - Ghostbusters

Issued: 6 August 2008

A GHOSTBUSTING tour of Cape Otway Lightstation is planned to help people experience paranormal activity.

Australian Ghost Adventures will lead ghost tours of the Lightstation, after dark on Saturday, August 16, as part of International Lighthouse Weekend celebrations.

The paranormal adventure company’s Gary Sullivan warned people to “expect the unexpected”.

“There’s no guarantees there’s going to be a ghost, but we’ve definitely had some activity during previous visits to the Lightstation,” Mr Sullivan said.

“The team will be able to tell the stories of hauntings that may be there,” said Mr Sullivan who will be accompanied by a psychic medium, a psychic dowser, a psychic profiler and a pagan/traditional method investigator.

Mr Sullivan said he was looking forward to showing curious people the technical and scientific equipment his team utilised to detect the paranormal.

The Lightstation’s most mischievous ghost is the Lady in Grey, who is often seen or sensed by tourists and people who stay at the lighthouse.

The ghost of Mrs Riches has been known to turn guests’ electric blankets up to high while they’re asleep in bed.

The naughty Mrs Riches regularly flicks light switches on and off, and gets a kick out of making the phone ring in the middle of the night.

“We get phone calls from the café in the middle of the night when there’s no-one there. Weird things like that happen,” said Lightstation manager Paul Thompson.

“It’s said that she haunts the café, which used to be the Assistant Lightkeeper’s Cottage, because that’s the last place she was happy.”

The ghost tours will start at 7pm on August 16.

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