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Press Release: Aussie film stars on location at Cape Otway Lightstation

Issued: 17 November 2009

LORD of the Rings star Miranda Otto and her veteran actor dad Barry Otto are taking over the lantern room at Cape Otway’s lighthouse for the filming of a new Australian movie South Solitary.

The 1848 lighthouse tower will be closed to the public from Thursday until December 6 to make way for Miranda, who played Rohan princess Eowyn in Peter Jackson’s Tolkien trilogy, plus her father Barry, who is well known for his AFI winning role in Strictly Ballroom and other stand-out performances in the films Bliss and Cosi.

They will be joined at the heritage precinct by actor Marton Csokas, also known from Lord of the Rings and Romulus My Father.

In writer/director Shirley Barrett’s South Solitary, Miranda plays Meredith, an unmarried woman in her 30s who arrives at an isolated lighthouse with her uncle (played by Barry Otto), who is the new head keeper.

Misadventure and bad weather conspire to land her in the company of a sullen and withdrawn assistant keeper. A tentative and tender courtship follows.

Lightstation manager Paul Thompson said a production crew of 50 would descend on the lighthouse from Wednesday (November 18) until December 6, and although tourists couldn’t climb the tower they were welcome to visit the Telegraph Station, the coastal walk, Radar Bunker and Lightkeeper’s CafĂ©.

“I’m sure it will still be interesting for Lightstation visitors to glimpse all the activity surrounding the production of this film,” Mr Thompson said.

The Lightstation precinct would remain open to visitors, with guides offering tours to parts of the movie set, he said.

Mr Thompson said Lightstation staff were excited about seeing the historic lighthouse and World War Two Radar Bunker transformed into a movie set, and the prospect of the Cape Otway beacon being on cinema screens around the world.

“We’ve been negotiating for more than two years with the film company, we gave them good advice on film locations, and then after searching high and low around Australia they’ve come back to us,” Mr Thompson said.

To compensate for the lighthouse being closed to tourists until December 6, ticket prices have been reduced, all visitors during this time will also be issued with free passes so that they can return to climb the lighthouse after the film has been shot.

For more information contact Lightstation manager Paul Thompson on 03 5237 9240.

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