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Press Release: Film stars keep economy spinning

Issued: 18 December 2009

THE FILMING of a new Australian movie at Cape Otway Lightstation has injected hundreds of thousands of dollars into the local economy.

Lord of the Rings star Miranda Otto and her actor father Barry were supported by a crew of 60, based at the Lightstation and Apollo Bay, between November 25 and December 8 for the making of South Solitary.

Lightstation manager Paul Thompson said accommodation providers, the hospitality trade, hardware and retail stores enjoyed the lions’ share of the financial spin-off from the film which will be released on the international market.

Local tradesmen were also called in to work on the film sets, which Mr Thompson described as a major win for the region.

“We traditionally have a quiet start to the summer tourist season in this area, so it was great that some of the motels in Apollo Bay had 12 rooms booked out every night for more than a fortnight,” he said.

“Obviously it’s good publicity for the region because South Solitary will be released across Australia and overseas.”

During the film crew’s time at the lighthouse more than 4,000 people visited the Lightstation and Mr Thompson said tourists were interested to hear Miranda Otto, who played Rohan princess Eowyn in the Tolkein trilogy, was being filmed.

Line producer Barbara Gibbs said the cast and crew enjoyed their time at the Cape, and agreed they’d made a healthy contribution to the economy.

“We employed local people, ate in restaurants and bars, bought our fuel locally, did a little bit of retail therapy and some went to the day spa,” Ms Gibbs added.

Making movies was an expensive business with the crew aiming to achieve three minutes’ footage from each full day of filming, she said.

“We’re all very excited by the rushes, so we sincerely hope people support the film when it it comes out,” she added.

The 1848 lighthouse was used for all indoor footage and the tower was transformed into a lightkeeper’s office for the film which is the story of a lightkeeper’s daughter (Miranda Otto) who after arriving on a remote island with her uncle (Barry Otto) falls in love with a sullen assistant keeper played by Marton Csokas of Romulus My Father fame.

Ms Gibbs said after an exhaustive search the Cape Otway lighthouse was chosen as an interior location for the film because of its lens.

“Shirley Barrett, the writer director wanted to film in a real lighthouse with a first order lens, so it was fantastic for its authenticity,” Ms Gibbs said.

Although Cape Otway is well known for its high energy weather conditions the crew still had to use their rain and wind-making machines.

“It didn’t get windy or rainy at the right time and when it did it wasn’t blowing in the right direction,” Ms Gibbs added.

The heritage precinct’s World War Two radar bunker was also transformed into a rustic lightkeeper’s cottage for the duration of the filming.

Mr Thompson said the production company, Remote and Blowy, had donated some sets and props which would remain on show at the Lightstation.

For more information contact Lightstation manager Paul Thompson on 03 5237 9240.

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