Cape Otway Lightstation Australia's Most Important Lighthouse Awesome Views, Amazing History

Koala at the lighthouse

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Caters for family and individuals. Good historical information, well documented. Good catering in café. Interesting scenery.


Great views, terrific history. Wonderful day trip, excellent. Café – fantastic!

Tonya & Luke

The story of the lighthouse and the koala

While on holiday from Canada my partner, Sherree, and I were en-route to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road and were finding it slow going since, with every turn, we had to stop and gawk at the gorgeous landscape. We were about to turn off the road to save some time when we came across the entrance to the lighthouse and thought that well, we’re here and since it’s only 12km, we should go … and so we did.

While admiring even more gorgeous views from the top of the lighthouse I happened to glance down and see a fuzzy grey creature creeping along at the base of the building. From above, it looked more like a monkey at first but a second glance confirmed that it was a koala! He seemed a bit disoriented as he was trying to scale the lighthouse door jamb and then tried the downspout without success. He spent about 10 minutes wandering around the base of the building trying to get comfortable on the fence and when that didn’t work headed off into the bushes. It was a big thrill for us to see a wild koala … especially in such an unusual location. Thanks for the experience.

Cheers, Rooth MacMillan & Sherree Clark, Toronto, Canada