Group Tours

Delve deeper into history.

Group Tours

(minimum group size 10 persons)

A visit to Cape Otway Lightstation provides history lovers with first-hand experience of life at Australia’s most significant lighthouse, including how the light guided ships through treacherous Bass Strait, ultimately saving many thousands of early immigrants’ lives. Step back in time as our knowledgeable local guides take you on a journey through the fascinating history of the ‘Beacon of Hope’.

1. Choose the tour that meets your groups’ needs.

 2. Fill in a group booking request form selecting your preferred tour, time and date and we will confirm depending on staff availability. 

3. Step back in time as you explore the rich history of the remote Cape Otway Lightstation precinct. 




Lightstation Tour

1 Hour / $20 per person

(Minimum group size 10)

Our experienced guide takes your group on a 1 hour History Tour of the Lightstation, focusing on the Lighthouse and Telegraph station with a tower climb. 

Beacon of Hope Tour

2 hours / $35 per person

(Minimum group size 10)

Enjoy a comprehensive two hour guided History Tour of the Lightstation exploring our Heritage Precinct including tower climb. Delve deep into the history of Cape Otway Lightstation.


Self Guided (currently unavailable)

 $17.00 per person

    (Minimum group size 10)

A self guided tour allows your group to experience life on this wild and isolated Lightstation at their own pace. Please note that groups choosing a Self-Guided option are not able to join scheduled talks with the general public.

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