Our Team

Who we are and what we stand for.

About Cape Otway Lightstation

At Cape Otway Lightstation we have a team of 28 staff. Our workplace is diverse and we are well supported with a multi-skilled and passionate team who work in a diversity of roles including; guides, cafe staff, welcome staff, administration, cleaners and maintenance. All of our staff live locally with many calling Apollo Bay and Lavers Hill home.

The Lightstation is managed by a private company, Tourism Great Ocean Road (TGOR), who have a 21-year lease with Parks Victoria. Our role is to help visitors explore and learn about the rich cultural and natural heritage of the nationally and internationally significant precinct, helping to preserve its history for future generations.

With stories from the dinosaur era to the area’s first peoples and post-European settlement, we aim to provide valuable insights into the history of the Great Ocean Road region. We are also responsible for maintaining its outstanding heritage features and have invested in the research and interpretation of the sites rich history. With its diverse past, the Lightstation’s 275 acre precinct contains seven historic buildings set within fully landscaped grounds.

Our Vision

“Developing and maintaining Cape Otway Lightstation as an exceptional visitor experience along the Great Ocean Road and providing a great place to work.”

Our Mission

To promote, protect and preserve Cape Otway Lightstation and its rich heritage for our visitors and future generations.”

Our Values

Respect, Honesty, Positive Attitude, Loyalty, 
Team Player, Accountability, Integrity