Heritage Buildings

See and feel the history of The Cape.

Heritage Buildings

On our heritage trail you can visit the meticulously restored Telegraph Station, built in 1859, which linked the mainland to Tasmania with a sub-sea telegraph cable – a major feat of technology in its day.  Along the trial you can step into the world of past Lightkeepers and visit the original Keepers lodgings and workshop constructed in 1848. The Assistant Lightkeepers cottage (built in 1859) has been converted into our café and has, on loan from the Maritime Museum of Victoria is a display of a series of paintings of ships that sailed past or were wrecked along this dangerous coastline.

Continuing along the heritage trail, learn about the Lightstation’s secret war history through artefacts and displays in a radar bunker.  This was built in 1942 after a US ship was sunk by a German mine off the Cape.  During World War II, up to 50 men were stationed at the Lightstation to protect the coastline.

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